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Modern Masquerade

“It was like I was living with a split personality. One side of me wanted not to care about what people thought, but the other half wanted nothing more than to be liked.

To outsiders, Kinsley appears to have it all together when in reality they can’t see past her facade. Her society has led her to believe that being herself is not okay, that she has to put up a perfect illusion for the rest of the world to see because she is too afraid of being rejected as her true self.

Kinsley is forced to go on a family trip that ends up being more complicated than she ever imagined. Super talented siblings, perfect parents, a masked Youtuber, and a stranger may push Kinsley to question who she is and what she's worth. Will Kinsley be able to keep her secret or will the truth be exposed?

Phil Cooke, Ph.D.filmmaker, media consultant, and author of “One Big Thing: Discovering What You Were Born to Do."

Toria Leigh has tapped into the cultural moment with her new book "Modern Masquerade: Are You Brave Enough?” The most “connected” generation in history is rapidly becoming the loneliest generation in history, and the current struggle for personal identity is a powerful root cause of so many social problems today. This book is a remarkable window into that culture, and if you have questions about what’s going on around you, then this is your guide.

Pastor Marty WalkerLead Pastor, The Sanctuary Church

As someone who has worked with youth for over 25 years, I have witnessed the very real impact on tweens and teens caught in a comparison trap. Toria’s book, Modern Masquerade: Are You Brave Enough? could not have come at a better time. It tells an engaging story of just how toxic comparing yourself can be and provides a hopeful alternative.

Kary OberbrunnerAuthor of Your Secret Name, Deeper Path, Day Job to Dream Job.

While written for teens and tweens, the message found in Modern Masquerade: Are You Brave Enough? will encourage readers of all ages. With a contemporary story, readers will watch Kinsley struggle with living out and letting others know her true identity

Pastor Jen LordCare Pastor, The Sanctuary Church

Tween and teen girls today are bombarded with social media messages that make them feel like they are not enough. As a mom of two teenage girls, and having worked with many youth and young adult women for many years, I’ve seen the negative self-talk this cultural reality promotes and affects everything, from their understanding of their own identity, to their relationships with family and friends, to their willingness to risk bringing their own gifts and abilities to the table for fear they won’t be good enough. In “A Modern Masquerade: Are You Brave Enough”, Toria Leigh poignantly takes us inside the heart and mind of a teen girl struggling with these issues within herself and learning that she ALWAYS has more to offer than she thinks she does – and others think so, too. This is the message all teen girls need to hear!

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