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My Story

I’m Toria Leigh. I’m 21, the youngest of three and the only girl. Something that came with being the youngest was my desire to do everything my brothers were doing (something that no doubt helped turn me into the tomboy I am today). One thing particular I remember wanting to do because they were doing it was to read.

I learned to read early and quickly fell in love with books. I distinctly remember reading the first book in Ridley Pearson’s, The Kingdom Keepers and thinking, “I want to write that well someday. I want to do what he does.” From a young age, I knew I wanted to be an author. I wanted to be able to transport someone to a different time and place. My passion for writing grew over the years.

Once I reached graduation, my dream faded for a while as my passion was slowly dampened by approaching adulthood. I wondered was my desire to become an author a childish idea that should be abandoned for something more practical like a business or teaching degree. I realized my desire to become an author had grown. My dream was no longer rooted in childlike wonder of the place or times books could transport you to, but in the deeply rooted truths that books conveyed.

I no longer wanted to be a good writer. I wanted to be a writer with something important to say. I realized I had a message that people needed to hear. A message brought about by my own struggles. My new found mission in mind I set out on another quest. It was no longer about publishing a book, it was about changing lives.

My mission is to help pre-teens and teens realize they are enough. I want to help them become confident in their true identity. It’s hard to stay true to who you are in a society that has us competing for likes. I want to help take away the pressure to be perfect and to help people realize they were created on purpose for a purpose. I desire for every teen to say, “I am enough.”